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Steering Group

While initially conceived as a Governance Group, after discussions in the initial two meetings it was felt that Steering Group was a more accurate description of its function. This name change was ratified into its terms and conditions in the February 2012 meeting.

In the first instance, the steering group will provide guidance on the base product (which for LCDB-3 is proposed as the 33 classes, see table), terms of reference for the governance and advisory groups, and implement programme and project management methodologies.

The steering group will provide a forum where users can identify their individual and collective needs, and identify where the specific needs of different agencies align and where they do not align.  Where the needs of agencies align, these agencies would be expected to work together within the programme with Landcare Research to meet the collective needs. Where only one agency has a specific need it would be expected to work with Landcare Research on this, but keep the governance group informed so that any synergies and opportunities can be identified.  

The steering group will meet as often as needed through the life of the contract, initially we anticipate 2 monthly. The frequency of the meetings is likely to vary over time, depending on the stage of the land cover research programme and the delivery cycle.

MSI would sit as an observer on the steering group. In the early stages the Geospatial Office will be represented on the steering group to ensure that the LCDB links with initiatives in the Spatial Data Infrastructure area. 

Landcare Research would provide programme management to ensure that the programme is managed effectively and on-time. 

Current steering members:

MSI - Viv Smith

MSI - Sarah McDermott

MfE - Deborah Burgess

MAF - Craig Trotter (Paul Lane as backup)

DOC - Allan Ross (Geoff Hicks as backup)

Councils - Reece Hill, Waikato Regional Council.

Geospatial Office - Mike Judd (Kevin Sweeney as backup)

November 2011 Governance Group Meeting

December 2011 Governance Group Meeting

February 2012 Governance Group Meeting


David Pairman,
18 Mar 2012, 19:59