Bare surface classes

posted 28 Nov 2011, 17:54 by David Pairman   [ updated 1 Jul 2012, 21:49 by David Pairman ]
Some bare surfaces do not fit into the current group of bare surface classes - how do we fix this?  

The ‘bare surfaces’ group of classes doesn’t fill the thematic space available – for example there is no bare rock category available below the alpine environment unless it’s a landslide or along a lake or river. We’re considering the merit of merging ‘Alpine Gravel and Rock’ with ‘River and Lakeshore Gravel and Rock’ into a new generic ‘Gravel and Rock’ class. What do you think?

Collaborating agencies: Please leave your views as comments below, along with your name/organisation.


At the April 2012 Technical Advisory Group meeting it was resolved to;
  1. Rename the "Coastal Sand and Gravel" class to simply "Sand and Gravel" (remains class 10).
  2. Combine "River and Lakeshore Gravel and Rock" and "Alpine Gravel and Rock" classes to form a new class called "Gravel and Rock" (class 16). 

A full table of the LCDB v3.0 classes, showing their relationship to LCDB-2 classes can be found in the LCDB2-3CorrelationTable document (View  Download).