Integrating other data sources

posted 29 Mar 2012, 19:05 by David Pairman
There are a number of more specialised maps available that could/should be integrated with the LCDB. An example is the detailed mapping of wetlands in Taranaki. This really presents two issues; firstly what criteria should be use to accept the data set or even individual polygons from it. Assuming the data set provider is happy for integration and the dates are compatible, there still may be differences in class definition and methodology that need considering. Generally these data sets will be more detailed, but only covering limited area. Are we happy for some (limited) classes in some (limited) areas to be mapped to a higher quality?  Should we be accepting all polygons from such a data set or cutting them off at some minimum polygon size? If the latter, would you use the same threshold as the LCDB generally given the mapping is presumably better - see the Undersized polygons - remove issue?

The second issue is how to technically do the integration, given that there may already be a polygon there representing the feature at a lower resolution. We don't want to create slivers, but we also do want a reasonably automated methodology. No doubt we can come up with a set of rules, but it will inevitably be making assumptions.

Wetland polygons in Taranaki over the LCDB. Click on image to expand.